Bangalore Air Quality Monitor Down Again

Many environmentalists have said that simply monitoring the air quality of various cities is merely a plaster over a gaping wound.

It could be argued that the initiative by the Environment Minsitry is barely even a plaster, considering how inconsistent and inaccurate the readings are on the NQAI website.

Last week it was the Delhi air quality readings that were questionable, today there is no doubt that the air quality readings from Bangalore are so inaccurate that it makes a mockery of the entire process.

It’s being reported that Bangalore’s PM2.5 levels are 500 for nearly all of Sunday while the overall air quality index (AQI) is a staggering 473. Anything above 300 is considered extremely hazardous.

From the chart below, it’s very clear that something is wrong with the monitoring unit.


It’s reminiscent of about a month ago when the newspapers all reported that Bangalore had worse air pollution than Delhi. It doesn’t, by a long way, in fact, Bangalore has one of the best air qualities out of all the metros in India.

The problem is that the public still doesn’t have a reliable source of information about the air quality in their city.