Air Purifier Mumbai

All the major appliance brands sell air purifiers in Mumbai. You can easily visit your closest Philips, Panasonic or Sharp showroom to pick up an air purifier.

With that said, the prices of air purifiers in shops in Mumbai is often quite high. We have done some extensive research and found that you can buy the same branded air purifiers with the same warranty online for as much as 20% off the price you’ll pay in Mumbai.

One popular ecommerce website in India sells these air purifiers for between 5% to 20% less than the retail price. Click here to visit the site.

If you order an air purifier to be delivered in Mumbai it can take 1 to 3 business days to get delivered, but the amount of money you can save can be thousands of rupees.

If you are wondering exactly which air purifier to buy, have a look at some of the air purifier reviews we have done, or visit the shop to see reviews left by other people.

To know more about what you should look for when buying an air purifier, have a look at our comprehensive free air purifier buyers guide.

Mumbai has one of the worst air pollution levels in the world and buying an air purifier should be as essential as buying an air conditioning unit. The major type of air pollution in Mumbai is particles called PM2.5. These particles are so small that simply shutting doors and windows is not enough. They are small enough to enter the bloodstream via your lungs so can get through any gaps in the windows and doors. Air pollution is a silent killer that can cause all kinds of health problems.

Air purifiers work to remove these microscopic particles as well as other pollutants like benzene and even cigarette smoke.

Have a look at some of the air purifiers in Mumbai that you can buy today and have delivered in the next couple of days.

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