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Philips AC3256 Review

Philips has been a stalwart in the air purifier sector in India for several years. Until recently, they were one of the only real choices that consumers have had. Today the air purifier landscape in India has changed and now there are many multi-national brands selling their products along with locally made brands. A few […]

philips ac1215 air purifier review

Philips AC1215 Review

The Philips AC1215 air purifier is the latest model from the consumer electronics giant. It has been specifically designed for your bedroom and incorporates various features such as night time sensing, reducing the brightness of the LCD display and switching to whisper quiet mode. With a slew of new models and brands hitting the market […]


Philips AC2882 and AC2887 Review

Philips has been a long time player in the air purifier market in India. A must have appliance for citizens living in cities in China, residents of India’s cities are also realising the health benefits of having air purifiers at home. Indeed, studies have shown that the concentration of PM2.5 particles – the most harmful […]

philips ac4372 review

Philips AC4372 Review

The Philips AC4372 is the flagship air purifier model for Philips. At nearly Rs 50,000 in the stores, it’s one of the more expensive air purifiers in the market. In this Philips AC4372 we wanted to find out whether the model lived up to its high price tag. The AC4372 is one of six air […]


Philips AC4072 Review

The Philips AC4072 air purifier is the second most advanced air purifier in the company’s range. It builds on the solid performance of the AC4014 model but is able to purify the air in a larger room thanks to the increased wattage. While it might be too much for an individual bedroom, it makes perfect […]