Philips AC4072 Review

The Philips AC4072 air purifier is the second most advanced air purifier in the company’s range. It builds on the solid performance of the AC4014 model but is able to purify the air in a larger room thanks to the increased wattage. While it might be too much for an individual bedroom, it makes perfect sense in a large living room or dining room.

Currently the unit retails in the shops for Rs 40,000 which is much higher than it sells for outside of India. However, Which Air Purifier found the unit on sale at a popular retailer for around Rs 31,800.

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We found the performance of this air purifier to be inline with what we expected from Philips and customers will appreciate the larger coverage that the AC4072 provides thanks to its five step fan speed. Compared to other air purifiers that we’ve reviewed, we certainly felt confident recommending this to friends and colleagues for their larger home living spaces.

The AC4072 According to Philips

This short video takes you through the salient points of the Philips air purifier.

AC4027 Features

Philips-AC4072 47-Watt-Air-Purifier-led

The air purifier uses a coloured LED to indicate the quality of air in the room. This visual indication might be a little scary when you switch on the machine for the first time – especially if you are in Delhi or other metros that have high levels of air pollution.

The colour LED also helps you know when it’s time for a filter change. If you don’t see the colour changing after 30 minutes of operation, then it could be that the filters are saturated and require chaning.

You have five fan speeds to select from and for the most part the unit is very quiet in its operation although there is a noticeable fan noise at the highest speeds. At just 22.5 db, the AC4027 is one of the quietest air purifiers we’ve tested given the coverage and speed of cleaning the room.

Philips-AC4072 47-Watt-Air-Purifier-review

Running Costs

Air purifiers are very energy efficient with the only big energy draw coming from the built in fan. The AC4072 draws 47 watts of energy which according to this electricity calculator, would add an extra 25-30 units of electricity to your bill if you used the air purifier for 12 hours every day.

Air Purification

The AC4072 has one of the best air filters on the market. The HEPA filter has the equivalent surface area of 75 soccer pitches to trap microscopic particles such as PM2.5.

It also actively filters out harmful gases such as benzene and other impurities in the air.

AC4072 Drawbacks

While the air purifying unit should meet the requirements of most households, there are a few drawbacks that we noticed and have also been picked up on by others.

The first is that air purifiers still haven’t gone mainstream in India and looking at customer reviews of other Philips air purifiers, customers have had some trouble getting replacement filters.

The second drawback is that there’s no auto-restart facility when the power comes back on. This is clearly a product that has been designed outside India without taking into account local conditions. While annoying, it’s really not a deal breaker.

Final Word

With the levels of pollution in the cities of India already racing beyond danger levels, getting an air purifier becomes as necessary as installing an air conditioning unit.

The Philips AC4072 air purifier is on the more expensive side and a cheaper option could be the AC4014. However, for larger houses or places that need an air purifier running consistently, the AC4072 is a good mid-level solution.

The AC4072 has an MRP of Rs 40,000 but we found one retailer selling the product for about Rs 31,800 for a limited time.

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  • 4-step air quality indicators
  • Smart air quality sensor
  • Fully automatic operation
  • 5-step fan speed
  • Warranty: 2 years on product