Philips AC2882 and AC2887 Review

Philips AeraSense AC2887 Air PurifierPhilips has been a long time player in the air purifier market in India. A must have appliance for citizens living in cities in China, residents of India’s cities are also realising the health benefits of having air purifiers at home. Indeed, studies have shown that the concentration of PM2.5 particles – the most harmful type – can be higher inside the home than outside due to a lack of circulation.

The Philips AC2887 and AC2882 air purifier models are beasts in their respective categories. At Rs 18,000 for the AC2887 and Rs 15,000 for the AC2882, they are perhaps one of the most cost effective buys that you can make.

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Philips AC2882 vs AC2887

On the face of it, the AC2882 and AC2887 are very similar. They look the same and have the same performance characteristics, so what’s the difference? What makes the AC2887 Rs 3,000 more expensive? The only difference is the AC2887 has the Philips AeroSense technology. This provides a real-time indication of the PM2.5 levels within your home. If knowing the PM2.5 levels in your home isn’t that important to you, then you can save yourself Rs 3,000 by choosing the AC2882 model.

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Unboxing the AC2887

Air Purifier Performance

As mentioned earlier, the AC2887 is a beast of an air purifier. Air purifiers are measured on their ability to remove PM2.5 particles and as quickly as possible. This metric is known as the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR). The higher the number, the faster the appliance can clean the air. The AC2887 has a CADR of 333 m3/ hour. This means it can clean a 1,200 sq ft room in about an hour. For smaller rooms, it can clean even faster.

We haven’t done any other air purifier review where we have seen such a high CADR in this price range. We’ve looked at over 50 different models and nothing comes close.

The coverage of the AC2887 has been measured as 851 sq ft. However, before you think that one air purifier should be enough for your entire apartment, there is a catch. Air purfiers rely on their fan to suck in the polluted and and blow out the cleaned air. An air purifier in one room is not going to be effective at cleaning the air in another room due to a lack of circulation. Therefore, the AC2887 only makes sense for larger rooms.

Just as with the CADR performance, the coverage provided by the AC2887 is exceptional given its price. If you have a large room that you need to be cleaned, you won’t go far wrong with this model.

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Cleaning Ability

The AC2887 cleans your room from particles down to the most microscopic of sizes. The filters remove the harmful PM2.5 particules which can enter your lungs and even get into your bloodstream. For slightly larger particles, the appliance removes 99.7% of them.

The video from Philips below shows how the air purification process works to remove all kinds of harmful products like smoke, odours, mould, bacteria, viruses and microscopic particles.

On-Going Costs & Maintenance

The AC2887 uses 60 watts of energy at max power – which is about as much as an incandescent lightbulb. At lower fan speeds, the unit uses far less power and the running costs are lower.

The real expense, as with any air purifier, is the filter costs. These can be around Rs 3,000 per filter. In a highly polluted city like Delhi, these filters might last 3-4 weeks during the winter. In less polluted cities, you might get 3-4 months use out of them. You must factor in these ongoing costs when considering any air purifier. Filters last about the same amount of time regardless of model that you use. The larger the room the air purifier is in and the longer the appliance remains on for, the quicker the air filter will need to be replaced.

The AC2887 has sensors that tell you when the air filters are reaching their end of life. You will notice it as well because the room doesn’t get purified as quickly. Ordering the filters is easy. They are available online and in Philips showrooms.

Philips AC2887 Price in India

You’ll find the AC2887 in the shops for around Rs 20,000 as that’s the MRP. However, if you shop online, you’ll find it for a few thousand rupees cheaper.

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  • Air Purifier Type - Room; Purification method - High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
  • Coverage area: 409 sq. ft. / 38 sq. mtrs., suitable for bedroom / living room (large)
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 324 m3/hr; CADR indicates the volume of purified air (in cubic mtrs) which an air purifier produces every hour
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Philips - the No. 1 Brand in Air Purifiers in India (Source: Euromonitor International Ltd; Consumer Appliances 2017ED; retail volume sales in units, 2016 data)