Delhi Air Pollution During Diwali

Delhi hardly needs more pollutants in the air but every year at Diwali that is exactly what it gets. The recent festive events have added misery to an already over polluted city. Bursting of crackers and fireworks not only releases large amounts of smoke but also ultra-fine particles called PM2.5. These fine particles are so small that they can enter your bloody stream via your lungs.

According to the BBC, the 2015 Diwali celebrations in Delhi have caused the air pollution levels to spike to hazardous levels. The WHO reports that these levels were 40 times the safety limits. Quite literally, the air that Delhites breathed during Diwali could be killing them. With winter nearly upon us which is when air pollution in Delhi is at its worst, this prolonged exposure could mean a rise in the number of air pollution health problems for many people.

As of midday on 12th November, 2015, the US consulate is reporting a PM2.5 concentration level of 159.7 ug/m3. The WHO says anything exceeding 50 ug/m3 is considered unsafe.

The chart below shows how Delhi’s air pollution changed over the course of the Diwali celebrations with the hazardous levels occuring late on Wednesday night when most crackers and fireworks were set off.

chart showing delhi's air pollution during diwali

It’s not just Diwali that Delhites need to be concerned about. The upcoming winter will see an overall rise in the air pollution in the city. Residents should consider buying a quality air purifying system to protect themselves and their loved ones.

With units starting at just Rs 12,000, it could be one of the cheapest life saving appliances in your home.

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