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India’s Air Quality Index Website is Down

Updated, July 2nd: The website is back up but the air quality numbers for the last couple of days look very suspicious – unless the pollution really is off the charts. For anyone trying to check the air quality index in one of the metros over the last two days they’d have come away disappointed. […]


Philips AC4072 Review

The Philips AC4072 air purifier is the second most advanced air purifier in the company’s range. It builds on the solid performance of the AC4014 model but is able to purify the air in a larger room thanks to the increased wattage. While it might be too much for an individual bedroom, it makes perfect […]


Bangalore Air Quality Monitor Down Again

Many environmentalists have said that simply monitoring the air quality of various cities is merely a plaster over a gaping wound. It could be argued that the initiative by the Environment Minsitry is barely even a plaster, considering how inconsistent and inaccurate the readings are on the NQAI website. Last week it was the Delhi […]

India's NAQI

India’s National Air Quality Index off to Shaky Start

Hailed as the first step towards improving the air quality of cities in India by PM Modi, the National Air Quality Index was launched a week ago today. It was supposed to keep citizens informed about the air that they breathe and allow authorities to take action when levels reached danger levels. However, one week […]