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philips ac4372 review

Philips AC4372 Review

The Philips AC4372 is the flagship air purifier model for Philips. At nearly Rs 50,000 in the stores, it’s one of the more expensive air purifiers in the market. In this Philips AC4372 we wanted to find out whether the model lived up to its high price tag. The AC4372 is one of six air […]


Sharp FU-A80E-W Air Purifier Review

The Sharp FU-A80E-W took everyone at Which Air Purifier by surprise. Better known for its range of TVs and kitchen items, we weren’t expecting the FU-A80E to be too strong a performer. We were wrong. As we found out in our Sharp FU-A80E-W review, the model packs a punch and competes with the offerings from […]

Delhi Air Pollution During Diwali

Delhi hardly needs more pollutants in the air but every year at Diwali that is exactly what it gets. The recent festive events have added misery to an already over polluted city. Bursting of crackers and fireworks not only releases large amounts of smoke but also ultra-fine particles called PM2.5. These fine particles are so […]