Air Quality in Delhi

Delhi made the news when the World Health Organization bestowed upon it the most polluted city in the world, stealing the crown of thorns from Shanghai and Beijing.

Current Delhi Air Quality

The following data comes directly from the US Embassy in New Delhi. It is updated every hour.

In a recent report on the BBC, it’s claimed that 30 years of living in Delhi damages your lungs as much as a regular smoker. Needless to say, this alarming statistic is likely to only get worse unless measures are introduced which are strictly enforced.

The air quality in Delhi has become such a point of concern that foreign embassies are not only issuing their staff with air purifiers but are also limiting postings to just two years. These actions by foreign embassies show just how seriously other countries take air quality and have is a source of embarrassment for the Delhi Government.

Recently, the US Embassy in Delhi, and its various consulates in other cities, started monitoring the air quality and publishing the results on its website. The US originally started this for its embassy in Beijing but concerns about air quality in India prompted it to introduce the scheme in India.

This report from CNN paints a sobering picture of just how bad the air pollution in Delhi is:

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